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One example; 0.2!-2.0! Tesla mouse/rat MRI
Small Footprint
The portable MRI unit and revolutionary structure of the Halbach permanent magnet*1 resulted in the world’s smallest*2 MR microscope. Stray field is minimal, eliminating the need for a magnetic shield.
High Resolution
Performance has not been sacrificed for low cost. The combination of a sophisticated switching power source and thin magnetic field gradient coil achieve high spatial resolution at low cost. This is MRTechnology’s solution.
Cost Performance
Cost has been minimized by taking advantage of the latest digital electronics, the core of which is a digitala signal processor (DSP). This cost performance makes the MR microscope an affordable option to the otherwise exclusive world of MRI.
Maintenane Free
Refilling the low-temperature coolant is no longer necessary thanks to the use of a permanent magnet for the static magnetic field. Low running cost is yet another significant advantage to MRTechnology’s products.
Non-Invasive Measurement
MRI does not destroy the subject being measured, allowing acquisition of 2D and 3D data without damaging valuable samples. Windows is the platform for all software used for measurement and analysis.
The system can be customized for the object to be imaged. Development of new pulse sequences is also possible for additional applications.
*1 Neomax Co. Ltd.
*2 Among MRmicroscopes with minimum static magnetic strength of 1T and minimum sield of view of 20 mm.
Followings are old products; please ask us about the latests(from 0.2T to 2Tesla)

1.0T compact MRM
Magnetic field strength : 1.0 T
Air gap
: 60mm(medium )
: 90 mm(large)
Field of view : 30mm (10ppm)
: 210kg (463 lb.) (medium)
: 980kg (2160 lb.)(large)

0.2T compact MRM
Magnetic field strength : 0.2T
Air gap : 250mm
Field of view :150mm (50ppm)
Weight : 1400 kg (3086 lb.)
Magnet (prototype) for diagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis
Height: Approx. 70 cm.
Weight : 500 kg